Desert Botanical Garden

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If you're planning a visit to the Phoenix area, you should plan on visiting the Desert Botanical Garden*.  The same invitation should be extended to the local residents as many have never visited this jewel.  It is located in Phoenix within Papago Park next to the Phoenix Zoo.  Here are some photographs I've taken in the Desert Botanical Garden (DBG).   


The Grounds

In the background of many of these shots are the Papago Buttes.  There are two of them, but only one is visible and it's the one inside Papago Park.


In Bloom

There is no better time to visit DBG than in spring when many of the cacti are in bloom and the wildflowers are at their peak.  Any week you choose to go will reward you with something new in bloom.  During this time of year, a "can't miss" attraction is the wildflower exhibit.


Flowers and Bees



The Butterflies

The Butterfly Pavilion is not the only place to see butterflies.  These are some of the photos I've taken of butterflies out on the DBG grounds.  The best times of the year are Spring and Fall. 





Lizards and Other Critters



*  Note that it's not Gardens.  My assumption is it's singular because we can't afford more than one of them! 


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