A Virtual Hike in the Grand Canyon

Completing the Bright Angel Trail

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Map 5, Pictures 166-196

The map at the left shows the detailed view of the last part of the virtual hike with the pictures numbered. Most of these locations are fairly accurate, but there are some that I must admit are just "best guesses."

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171 - Starting the big vertical climb.  I assume the white on the wall is calcium.I hope you've been eating and hydrating because the real "fun" is about to begin. (Yes, this is the new definition of "fun" we've just learned.) The steepest part of the Bright Angel Trail is at hand. The cliffs and their height are certainly intimidating. The first time I encountered this section I joked that if I didn't know better, I would turn back immediately thinking there's no way any walkable trail could exist that could navigate up these walls. There were no signs of any trail even 300 feet ahead. And yet there must be, all these people coming down didn't repel on ropes or jump!

PIC-172 PIC-173 PIC-174


175 - The Three Mile Resthouse.It is often difficult to know exactly where you are on this part of the Bright Angel Trail because there are very few landmarks of note. But there are two that are significant and by definition they tell you exactly where you are: the One and a Half Mile Resthouse and the Three Mile Resthouse (seen here in picture 175 at the left.) That means we have gone 13.7 miles and a very tough 3 miles left.

During the summer months (May-September) water is available at these two rest houses.


176 - There must be a trail here somewhere! PIC-177 178 - We have gained considerably on the mules!  We've also gained a lot of elevation.

PIC-179 PIC-180 PIC-182

183 - Again, the trail blends in.  In the enlarged picture you should be able to see some hikers. 184 - A really spectacular view from the Bright Angel Trail. PIC-185

PIC-186 PIC-187 PIC-188

189 - The classic picture from the Bright Angel.  Indian Garden is at the center and you can see Plateau Point Trail. 190 - First view of the One and Half Mile Resthouse.

191 - The One and a Half Mile Resthouse.Your muscles are aching as you've finally arrived at the One and a Half Mile Resthouse. You are cursing the name of this place wishing it were called the Quarter Mile Resthouse. If you've come all the way from the river, you will now hope that the end is just around the next switchback. On this particular hike, I was carrying a walkie talkie and soon after passing this landmark, Cindy called me and I stayed in communication with her for the rest of the ascent. I got to place an order for a drink that would be waiting for me at the top of the trail!

PIC-192 PIC-193 194 - One of two tunnels near the top of the trail.

PIC-195 196 - Nearly over!

Gene just after completing the climb during the February hike. The top of the Bright Angel Trail!We've done it!

I arrived at the top of the Bright Angel Trail at 2:30, right on schedule. I was tired, glad the hike was now over, but far from exhausted. Every time I've done one of these day hikes to the river and back I wonder if it's my last. The physical demands are so great, I train a minimum of three months in mountains and heat of Phoenix where the conditions very closely resemble those at the canyon. In order to feel I'm ready for the canyon, I must do laps that total at least 4800 vertical feet on over 12 miles of trails. Even with this training, twice I've been totally drained dragging myself out of the canyon. Yes, you can never take this endeavor lightly.

Trailview Overlook

From the top of the Bright Angel Trail which is right next to the Kolbe Studio, there is very little of the trail you can actually view.  For that, the very first stop on the Hermit's Rest Route is Trailview Overlook and as you can see from the photographs, it is aptly named.  Much of the trail from Indian Garden all the way to the finish at Kolbe Studio is visible from this point.




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