A Virtual Hike in the Grand Canyon

On the River Trail and starting up the Bright Angel Trail

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Map 3, Pictures 78-144

The map at the left shows the detailed view of the third part of the virtual hike with the pictures numbered. Most of these locations are fairly accurate, but there are some that are just "best guesses."

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100 - A look back toward Silver and Black Bridges. 101 - The sand on the River Trail. PIC-102

103 - And even more sand on the trail.  Next time I'll remember to bring a broom! ;) PIC-104 105 - A sand dune just off the trail.

How are you doing? We've gone just under 8 miles in the virtual tour. But now we are approaching the "fun" part of the hike that will take us 4420 vertical feet higher on 9 miles of trail. (I know, this must be some new definition of "fun" you're not familiar with.)

After you cross Silver Bridge (a.k.a. Bright Angel Suspension Bridge) you head west onto what is technically the River Trail. But nearly everyone considers this part of the Bright Angel. The first part of this route may as well be called Beach Trail because of all the sand. Sand? You'd think water was nearby! ;)

106 - Looking back on River Trail. 107 - Looking forward.  You can just spot Pipe Creek Beach. 108 - Rafting trips regularly stop at Pipe Creek Beach.

109 - The sign for Pipe Creek Beach.  The official start/end of the Bright Angel Trail. 110 - The River Resthouse. 111 - Looking back toward the River Resthouse.

The River Trail ends as it hits Pipe Creek. This is the real start of the Bright Angel Trail. There is a rest house here (called River Resthouse) and supposedly another chance to get fresh water (although I could not find a water spigot).. The creek is much smaller than the Bright Angel Creek, but it is also very clean and it's noise is always music to my ears. The trail will basically follow this stream and cross it several times until we hit the switchbacks known as The Devil's Corkscrew. Before this point it's difficult to pinpoint exactly where you are on the trail, but one thing you can definitely tell by looking up: it's a long way to go!

112 - The lower part of Bright Angel bares little similarity to South Kaibab. 113 - The first of many times the trail will cross Pipe Creek. 114 - Note the greenery that that creek affords.

115 - Hikers are dwarfed by the canyon walls. PIC-116 PIC-117

PIC-118 PIC-119 120 - Off the trail to let the Mules pass.

PIC-121 PIC-122 PIC-123

124 - A happy rider!I'd seen very few photographs and I was very surprised by the look and feel of this section of the trail my first visit. In my imagination I'd pictured the lower part of the South Kaibab, but with a little more vegetation. The presence of any amount of water always makes a huge difference in the foliage. But this turned out to be a clean flowing creek! Dirty water would indicate the water came from very recent rains. What did not surprise me was this lower section offered almost no view of the overall canyon and my first thought was it didn't belong within the Grand Canyon.

On any hike on the South Kaibab or Bright Angel you are bound to encounter the mules. They are synonymous with these two trails. The riders seem to come in two flavors. About half are smiling and really enjoying the mule trip while the others can hardly acknowledge you because they are focusing so much on their mule and staying on the trail. I think I would be in the later group if I were on a mule in the canyon! I myself prefer to have both feet on the ground, even if I'm running backward.

125 - The start of the Devil's Corkscrew. PIC-126 127 - A better view of the Devil's Corkscrew.

The trail momentarily breaks away from Pipe Creek in a section of switchbacks known as The Devil's Corkscrew. I don't feel they are all that bad because they are very low on the trail.

128 - The end of the Devil's Corkscrew. PIC-129 130 - Pipe Creek is just a trickle at this point.

131- A long way to the top! 132 - A look at the Devil's Corkscrew with a view all the way to the top. 133 - Looking below you can see the start of the Devil's Corkscrew as the trail crosses Pipe Creek.

PIC-134 135 - The trail meets up with Garden Creek and a wonderful waterfall. 136 - The shade trees begin!

Even before you see you can hear the waterfall as the trail joins up with Garden Creek. The trail will follow this stream all the way to Indian Garden and the greenery that results is in my mind the real beauty of the Bright Angel Trail.

137 - The beauty of the Bright Angel Trail. 138 - The last look at Pipe Creek.  After this point the trail will follow Garden Creek. 139 - The trail crosses Garden Creek.

140 - We start to level off. 141 - Blossoms! 142 - More blossoms!

As I headed up the Bright Angel, I must have heard half a dozen comments on how fast I was going, even though I have been up these trails much faster. But I really wished I had more time so I could take more breaks and look around. On this part of the trail, various butterflies made their appearances and just as quickly disappeared and I couldn't chase them for a photo opportunity. I also saw three White-lined Sphinx Moths! Sphinx Moths are also known as Hummingbird Moths and the first time you see one hovering at a flower you know why. I was sad I couldn't get a picture of this.

143 - I call this The Wall. PIC-144

 YES! I'm still doing fine. I want to continue the tour...
 NO! I'm exhausted. I'd like a mule ride out of here and back to the home page. 


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