Wauwatosa East Class of '76 Reunion

A Gallery of Pictures from the Tosa East 30th Reunion 

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Our 30th reunion was held on August 12th.  In the morning there was a tour of Tosa East and the reunion itself at Hart Park Pavilion starting at 4:30.  That ended at 11:00 and it continued at the nearby Colonel Hart's (Pep's Place) until after 1:30 when I left.  It may still be going on for all I know! ;) 

Click to see pictures from the Tosa East tour.

Click here to see pictures from the tour of Tosa East!

The following pictures I took both at the tour and at the reunion.  If you attended and don't wish your photograph to appear, please write this request on the back of a $20 bill and snail mail it to me! :)  Seriously, if anyone else who attended has pictures they'd like to share, please forward them to me and I'll include them here.  I would also be happy to receive pictures from the 20th and 25th!





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