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Welcome! Despite my best efforts to keep this website a complete secret, you've made it! Though I am interested in astronomy in almost all of its forms, historically my passion centered around the study (especially the observation) of variable stars. Most of my concentration was on the catalysmic variables, but I considered any variable fair game. I have been a member of the AAVSO since 1980 and mentored those new to variable star observing (VSOing).

  My primary telescope is an 18 inch f/4.5 Obsession reflector. The scope is stored in the building and conveniently rolled out for an observing session.


About the observatory/site   Description and pictures of the observing site and telescopes.
Location.  Where is Phoenix-Cave Creek, Arizona?
The nightly run.   About my observing technique.
Astronomy Biography.   Soon to be seen on A&E. (Or maybe not.) More than you want or need to know.

Gene's Gallery. Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, ... you'll find none of them here.  Instead, a collection of photographic galleries. Butterflies, insects, landscapes, desert flowers, cactus, and sunset pictures!

Gene's Old Gallery.   No Monet's here, either.   

Variable Star Light Board.   A tool for public demonstrations of variable star observing.
The Obsession Experience.   My view on the performance of my 18 inch Obsession telescope and a new found replacement scope!
Links of Interest   VS Organizations and VSOing friends.
Milwaukee Astronomical Society   My hometown astronomy club! I'm currently  the Observatory Director and Webmaster.
AAVSO Home Page An organization dedicated to the study of variable stars by amateurs. Read their introduction to observing variable stars.


Other Interests / Hobbies

  Grand Canyon Hiking

Take a Virtual Hike/Virtual Tour in the Grand Canyon.
Down the South Kaibab and up the Bright Angel Trail.

A hike down the Grand Canyon via the South Kaibab Trail.

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim travelogue.  North Rim to South Rim.

  Butterfly Pictures

Gene's Butterfly Pictures Butterfly Pictures, Images, Photographs. 

Butterfly Exhibit pictures at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden.

Most Recent Photographs of butterflies, caterpillars, and other insects.

A Day at Boyce Thompson: One of Arizona's premier butterfly locations.

'76 Reunion Page

Tosa East '76 Reunion Page. Information about upcoming reunions and reunion photos.

Piano Music

Gene Hanson Piano Solos. Playing my piano. MP3 downloads.

  Snow Village

  XMas Snow Village Gallery. The closest I get to snow.

  Tosa East Choir Concerts - '74-'76 The Spring Concerts.

My old businesses:

Infolure and Datalure.

Ongoing construction and miscellaneous:

A Marathon of a Tale. A First Marathon Story.

Wauwatosa East Class of '76 Reunion Page. Tosa East 30th Reunion Gallery.


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